Such as MP4, WebM, Ogg, etc. lightGallery supports all types of HTML5 video formats. Étape 4. In the last function, we are simply closing the overlay and clearing out the iframe that was inside of it. There is no cost, and since YouTube handles the video traffic, you don't have to worry about managing your site's bandwidth. Embed YouTube and Vimeo videos in your website with style, and far faster web page loading, with Kina Video Presenter . If we have the video id (which we obviously do), we can grab these thumbnails and use them in our gallery. Same as above, click on the video element on the left to add/ embed a new video. With a simple CSS grid and the jQuery app “Fancybox”, it’s easy to make a responsive video gallery with videos from YouTube and Vimeo. Mit der Einführung von HTML5 verbreitete sich das Video-Tag sehr schnell und mit einer guten Unterstützung von modernen Browsern. If the video is pertinent to the content of your website, then by all means, go ahead and embed that video in the page. Cliquez sur l'onglet "Insérer" et choisissez "Vidéo". So, let’s begin. For example, to embed a Vimeo video in WordPress, you would: Add the Vimeo block in the Block editor and paste in the URL. This isn’t necessarily an issue, but if your gallery is large enough, this could potentially hamper the load time of the page. Sie können auf dieser Seite ganz automatisch einen Code für das HTML Video erstellen, den sie einfach kopieren und in ihre Webseite einfügen können. Lightgallery supports YouTube, Vimeo, VK and all other types of HTML5 video formats. Step 2: Creating the HTML Code to embed the video. Such as MP4, WebM, Ogg, etc. Why Embed YouTube Videos. bug 730768). Notice that you should specify this field; otherwise your website video gallery Flv Html Code will be uploaded into the root folder of your server! Step 2: Open a new browser tab and go to your youtube video. Insert videos from Youtube using the