I'd just heard about Mr. Lang in another thread today, and thought it was some conspiracy, thanks for sharing the truth and clearing up misconceptions. They just needed to pull over so that one guy could smoke a cigarette and stare at his house over and over? For a month I hadn’t heard anything back so I followed up with Richard Rasmussen and asked him if there was any progress on my complaint. George continued to come closer and I finally yelled at him and told him the get the “hell” back. I have to keep telling them to get back and give me some room. I live next door at 648 N. Van Ness so I looked out my window and sure enough there was some drugged out looking guy who was on the property checking out the windows and doors. By this time I’d had enough of the emission sticker “stuff” and I immediately confronted Tim with this text message: “Tim, I’m not sure why you guys are targeting me. Preliminary identification identifies hikerdude1967 as Jared L McCormick, a Fresno County Sheriff Sergeant. I was starting to become very uncomfortable with this “complaint” process, but nonetheless, at Richard Rasmussen urging I proceeded to contact Sergeant Biggs. But, as I made my way to the parking lot and started to unlock my trunk, he came out of the store, still talking on the phone. Other elements are simply handled by planting various elements of false evidence here and there once they enter a residence. Now John was my backyard neighbor theres a alley that divide my home and his. He was tall with an average build and short cropped blond hair and based on his mannerism I believe this person was Fresno Sheriff personnel. In accordance with Title 17 U.S.C. I was an overt poster, and unwittingly and naively, I was also becoming a target. To kick off the operation the Fresno City website and the website of pay less brakes tires were both taken down today. I was at the meat counter which is near the entrance of the store. The goal? And you are taking all of this information from the very people that he was alleging were after him. The best result we found for your search is John M Lang age 70s in Pleasanton, CA in the Val Vista neighborhood. I was stunned. I called him early on 3/07/15 to inform him I couldn’t work on his ski’s that day. Recently I tried to atone by attempting to volunteer some of my free time by signing up for the Citizens on Patrol program but no one called me back. I always thought he was like one of those like Old school veterans with like PTSD or something mind you i was young during the age. Told them we no longer work on 2-strokes. At this point I also called Fresno PD to report the crime in progress. Some are likely criminals who are facing current criminal cases who were willing to trade lies for less Jail time. Even if he did kill himself, stabbing yourself and trying to burn yourself alive is not exactly the easiest or quickest way to die. I stand up from sitting on the couch and explain I need to leave because I believe I’ve lost my wallet. Mac McCauley I simply voice my opinion regarding local government and politics on local blogs. Imagine the same police officer or detective telling a group of coworkers of the accused or other folks that said person is a bad guy who is under investigation for the crimes of child pornography, and cops would like their help in putting a really bad guy away. And they will settle for nothing less.. I’m also fairly certain I’ve figured out how Fresno Law Enforcement handled the actual access and internet distribution of the offensive material. With the information gained through these illegal wire taps they have contacted my professional business customers insinuating that I am a bad guy who is currently under various investigations and that it might be best if they didn’t do business with me. I was devastated, angry, and upset. I watched the videos, too. History of Human Experimentation and Torture in the USA: Modern Cointelpro links. We just have one man's word saying "these are the people doing x to me". He was part of a larger conspiracy starting over a year earlier involving George and Maxine Rameriz, Fresno PD, Fresno Sheriff’s Department, and one or more City of Fresno employees, and others. He was murdered in his home on 1/20/16 by way of multiple stab wounds and consumption by fire set to his house. Hello! The details of this later incident are listed in the 12/01/14 “Time Line / Notes section”, which can be found below. I believe that during the last year and a half or so, and post 9/13/13 and 9/17/13 a small group of Fresno Sheriff personnel and Fresno Police officers, as retaliation and punishment, has initiated a multitude of investigations on me, through a multitude of agencies, in an effort to discredit and destroy me. His story blew up when he "predicted" his own death. The content below is unedited and uncut from John’s diary. I had never heard of these fake stickers before and I’ve never before had phone calls from new customers discussing illegal activities with me. But now I have to go to work if people still want to hear more info let me know ill log back in after i'm off at work. Section 107, this material is distributed without profit to those who have expressed a prior interest in receiving the included information for research and educational purposes. The Activities at Mena – MENA is no myth! They even tried to set me up and plant false evidence in my home. There is no more heinous, hideous, and inhuman crime than that of a child porn person. This is an unusual amount of calls on these ski’s. Near the end of 2013 I was and still am the the property manager for 656 N. Van Ness, Fresno California, 93728. I believe this person and others are tacking and monitoring my minute by minute incremental movements so they can direct another party to illegally enter my residence for the purpose of gaining “intel” or planting evidence. The surveillance and harassment peaked about a year and a half ago or so when Measure G was on the ballot. 3/05/15 – A person named Fred calls regarding a repair on a couple of Polaris Jet Ski’s. See Youtube video footnote 3A. The is a dump of John Lang's Youtube channel. Where is the video of him supposedly walking around his home with knives just before his death? John Lang (American musician) (born … A neighbor had called me to tell me someone was trespassing at the 656 Van Ness address and that she was calling the Police to report it. Furthermore, it would be nice if someone from Fresno would comment on how his death affected the community's perception of police. Hello everyone! Contact Senators Until they take action to end Cointelpro murders. On January 20, 2016, John Lang was found dead in his Fresno home, which was also on fire. Of course, part of me still wants to put some belief into what Lang was saying. Help Me Take The Case To SCOTUS, FBI COINTELPRO: THE STALKING AND ASSAULT ON KEITH LANKFORD, CIA, FBI, HLS: Electronic Warfare and the history of Human Experimentation and Murder in America, Sarah Degeyter: Assaulted with Baseball Bat, ASN: Autonomous System Numbers/ Traceroute Research, Bill Gates/ DARPA/ DOD For New Nanotech COVID 19 Vaccine, Unclassified: Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) Protection, A Report on Homeland Security Waste and Mismanagement by Senator Coburn, Coronavirus Funerals Google Search 03/28/2020, Targeted Individual Sarah Degeyter: Website Links, TONY FARRELL Principal Intelligence Analyst with South Yorkshire Police, Shared Video alledged Coronavirus events in China, The Pirbright Institute (Bill & Melinda Gates), Project MKULTRA the CIAs Program of Research into Behavioral Modification Joint Hearing, Sandy Hook Crime scene photos, Lanza 3 years old with gun, smashed hard drives, evidence of scripted scene, Sandy Hook Lanza House Crime Scene Photos, Gene Rosen: Younger on psychiatric drugs. Then I was ticketed while at the Home Depot on West Shaw. Told them we no longer work on 2-strokes. He says police harassment peaked in 2013 during the Measure G campaign. He is the keystone piece who can bring 20 to 30 other corrupt Fresno Cops down with him.. 4/11/2015 – At approximately 8:30 Pm on 4/11/2015 George and Maxine Ramirez, my neighbors at 656 N. Van Ness Ave, invite me over to their house. Another suspicious 2 stroke Jet ski repair. He had asked me to rebuild his website and called to check on the progress of the website. When this guys cracks, and I’m sure he will because this guy is a risk taker, and as a result he is already on the radar of Federal Law Enforcement. I'm not writing off the fact that he may have had a mental illness, but where is the proof of that? Why would someone do that in the middle of the night? Within weeks I was vehicle “tailed” by undercover Sheriff officers who were routinely waiting on the street near my home. John and I had an online relationship that started in May of 2015. The video above is an exhaustive overview of the John Lang murder mystery that has numerous incidents of police activity leading up to and around the day of this death. Shortly after the initial contact, he registered several domain names for a website that served as an online diary of his experiences. I asked Richard Rasmussen about this situation and he explained to me in an email that “before” Internal Affairs received complaints, a designated field person in the “regular” police department “screens” all complaints, then forwards the complaints onto the Internal Affairs department. 3/09/2015 12:54 PM – 559-261-9176. Portal. I saw what you saw. 3/09/2015 5:24 PM – From 559-647-5530. This is a call for Operation Fresno and Operation John Lang. John Lang was a citizen of Fresno, California. This type of “close proximity” tracking can only mean one thing. You don't just commit suicide by repeatedly stabbing yourself in the back and setting your house on fire. Again, a known Fresno Sheriff who used the handle hikerdude67 or hikerdude1967 on the Fresno Bee was accused publicly in the Bee comment section by other commenters of posting, and having “knowledge” of other commenters personal information. I'm pretty sure he was totally nuts after watching a few of his videos as well. County of Fresno ) IN THE MATTER RE THE DEATH OF JOHN PAUL LANG Deceased l, MARGARET MIMS, Sheriff-Coroner of the County of Fresno, State of California, certify an inquiry and investigation was held into the death of JOHN PAUL LANG, a 51 years old Male, born in Ohio. Lang wrote this open letter to the DOJ and FBI. But, after my experience with Fresno PD and the Fresno Sheriff’s personnel I clearly understood what the “File” meant. I’ve been trying to figure out why they would send Child Molester George Adams Ramirez my way when I was renting the property next to me for Don Green. Kind Regards, John Lang Fresno Ca 93728. This unethical and possibly illegal activity was simply motivated by “profit” and unfairly targeted Fresno’s poorer residents. In 10 years I have never locked this inner door, because there is no key to open it, I simply use it as a pull handle. Then I was ticketed two blocks away from the Home Depot on West Shaw in Fresno, where I had just visited. However in mid April of 2015 I discovered the Ramirez’s were police informants who were tasked with watching when I enter and exit my property. So I voiced my opinion on the Fresno Bee, which I now regret. They are the ones that put out that narrative of his death, if people are questioning your officers and department, it would make sense to me to make some information publicly available to dispel those questions. His story didn't blow up when he caught police targeting poor neighborhoods, because while illegal, it's hardly surprising at all. The John Lang case, for me, is one where it seems like there clearly is a large-scale conspiracy around his death. One individual I recognized by his very unique hair and facial features was the same Sheriff personnel who a few years later followed me into a Save Mart grocery store located at Clinton and Blackstone. To get away from them I move to my small front yard gate where George continues to follow me. Yeah, that's all normal. Replies analysing and speculating over the mystery and possible explanations are encouraged. Fire at Carole Lankfords 1914 North Victoria: Kelly Mcconnell connection? Back in 2009 when this all started I was having trouble in my marriage. This guy initially called on 3/6/15 about a repair on a blown cylinder on a 2-stroke Force outboard motor. Three people showed up for this appointment. His video changed my mind and one of the things he pointed out was that the videos don't really...show anything? I believe this person in the store was giving a second party my activities and precise time estimates of my shopping progress. Publication date 2016-01-16 Topics Fresno PD, police harassment, John Lang, Youtube Language English. Life in America: the targeting, torture, and human experimentation on civilians in the US, Targeted Individual Anthony Chavez: Gang Stalking in Plainview Texas, FBI COINTELPRO STALKING VICTIMS: Recreational, pharmaceutical drug use, Psychotronic and Electromagnetic Weapons: Remote Control of the Human Nervous System, High Power Microwave Technology and Effects, Covid-19, 1st Responders, Homeland Security, Fusion Centers, Sovereignthink 2012 Police State of tomorrow, The agencies and Corporations involved in FBI Cointelpro, 6213 Garden Acre Drive Fort Worth Stalking, FBI Cointelpro Stalking Sarah Degeyter: Linked assault, beating and rape IV, Dana Ashley: Very Informative Videos on Microwave Weapons From Dana Ashley. On 12/01/14 I was followed to the Save Mart at Blackstone and Clinton (see date notes for Dec 1, 2014). Why would a carpet cleaning service pull over to drop ONE flyer at his neighbor's home after staring at his house for minutes beforehand? The Fresno County Coroner's Office has released its final report on the death of John Lang, who killed himself on January 20, 2016. Press J to jump to the feed. Fresno PD was also occasionally following me as well, although their harassment participation was exponentially growing. The Firefighters found Lang barricaded inside his burning home on Van Ness Avenue in Central Fresno in January. | Back to Top ↑, //youtube.com/watch?v=x32qvCGuCiE%3Ffeature%3Doembed, Targeted by FBI Cointelpro: John Lang Death, Video, Social and File Sharing and Creation Platforms, Targeted in America: The FBI Stalking and Assassination Program, Jeffrey Kantor: Cointelpro stalking out of control, ABC News Covers Cointelpro Stalking: Small Town Terrorism, Sound the Alarm to the People: James Madison, Thomas Jefferson and the Principles of 1798. As I entered my car and pulled out, I drove slowly past the rear of his vehicle in an attempt to read his license plate. As I left the store with my groceries I couldn’t find him anywhere. 3/09/2015 4:51 PM – 559-394-3982. Since the people John Lang reached out to investigate this have failed to launch one, including the F B I who he also reached out to for help, then we will. The coroner's office disproves that notion with their report. The Death of John Lang. I believe this person who was obviously Sheriff personnel with a police canine were using this canine for some sort of dominance or socialization training on my dogs and the neighboring animals. He called from number 559-289-4263, Voice mail states Crystal Creamery. They didn't attempt to go near either home to check for things a burglar would, such as points of entry, or cameras! End quote. Submissions should outline a mystery and provide a link to a more detailed review of the case such as a Wiki article or news report. I have lived in my home around 2007ish when I was approximately like 10 but anyways back to my point. We are making such material available in our efforts to advance understanding of criminal justice, political, human rights, economic, democracy, scientific, and social justice issues, etc. And the manner of death you report contradicts the report from the medical examiner, who reported multiple stab wounds in his back, not his front, and cited these as a contributing factor along with smoke inhalation as the cause of death. The only person who would lock this inner door would be someone who is unfamiliar with this residence. As I walk toward the door Maxine Ramirez immediately blocks my path to the door and puts her hands up and says “no you can’t leave, just sit down”. I’ve never had a customer address me by my first and last name before, especially someone I hadn’t talked to before. John had stumbled across what he believed to be an illegal police ticketing scam being conducted by several Fresno … It was ruled a suicide. The videos chronicle a man's desperate struggle with, what he perceived to be, a city aligned against him. After collecting hits of violations they then would pull the unsuspecting drivers over a few blocks away from the store location in a marked police vehicle claiming they simply came across their vehicle through routine driving patrols. He stated he had a few questions for me. This is part of the Fresno LE conspiracy with the Fresno Sheriff Department in the lead to financially and legally ruin me for my past comments on the Fresno Bee, and emailing Jim Borden the Fresno Bee Editor details of the scheme between Jody Murray and Fresno Sheriff personnel. posted on Mar, 31 2016 @ 03:01 PM link Anyone who has ever talked publicly about, accused, or discussed Jerry Dyer’s suposed sex scandle with that 16 year old girl has found themselfs in some type of legal peril within a few short years.. And with this letter I have for certain signed my death warrant with Fresno LE. If and when the Government targets us, we are completely and utterly done, and there is really nothing we can do about it. Based on what I’ve described above I believe these individuals have planted something in my residence and are planning to arrest me on some false charge or perhaps worse. He is one of “major players” of a rogue underground crew of local corrupt and criminal Fresno Law Enforcement Officers similar to the recent “busted” Oakland Crew of bad Cops called the “Rough Riders”. I have a lot of respect for our Chief and I’ve stated this many times. An activist by the name of John Lang appears to have recently been murdered – his death part of a much larger pattern. I admonished those posters and defended the chief and sheriff on many occasions. However, at this time he was not driving a “Camry type 4 door vehicle” he was a Blue GMC Jimmy. As mentioned earlier I also believe Fresno LE has also contacted my customers from my part time businesses (property management and webhosting), this information, they would only have access to by accessing my home computer or illegally wiretapping my phone. Active on community news sites and social media outlets, Lang has a history of causing a fuss for the city. FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- The Fresno County Sheriff-Coroner's office has released the final report on what they are calling the suicide of John Lang. I really didn’t want to work on this persons Jet Ski’s because something was very odd with this situation. One of my camera’s the “Front PTZ”, had a 20 minute “blank” spot for the time interval 2-27-2015 17:11:50 to 2-27-2015 17:31:05. When I first started watching the video, I thought the same thing you did: he was paranoid. One had all the mannerisms and personality of a LE person. I replied “Maxine, please don’t block me.” As I move past her out the front door Maxine yells “George”! Cointelpro: The FBI’s Fascination with Assassination in a Homeland that offers no Security. This would give them very accurate “windows of opportunity” and “time frames” so they could comfortably access my property without being detected. The scope, depth, and breadth, of this conspiracy, I believe is unparalleled in recent Fresno history. I think your post is a sentiment that both the people who think he was targeted and murdered and the people who think he was paranoid and committed suicide can agree on. I later learned that Fresno Law Enforcement had a “pattern of practice” of unethically scanning license plates on private retail parking lots. Again, in the supplied video (Video Footnotes 5A) you can clearly see me hopping the fence in order to escape George and Maxine’s property. He then said he would remove the stickers. Another suspicious call on a set of 2001 2-stroke Jet Skis. I thought I was anonymous, but an employee at the Fresno Bee, “Jody Murray” was “feeding” a known Sheriff Sergeant who used the alias hikerdude67 or hikerdude1967 website log data containing identifiable ip address information that Fresno LE used to track down Fresno Citizens who were posting comments critical of Fresno LE and the City of Fresno. John Lang who often spoke out on news sites and social media against the Fresno Police and Fire department’s practices and misuse of their budgets, was found stabbed to death in his burning home. I thought the parking lot license plate scanning was abusive and simply designed as a revenue generating scheme for the City of Fresno. Fresno PD Public Info officer Lt Joe Gomez is on video initially stating he was killed by multiple stab wounds, including ones to the back. First time posting on this subreddit. John ultimately died as the result of multiple stab wounds, concurrent with his house being set on fire; the coroner’s report citing the official cause of death as carbon monoxide poisoning via smoke inhalation. Today I stumbled across a video that discusses the unresolved mystery of John Lang. The Ramirez’s initially passed my income and rental history checks. And they just needed to drop one flyer off? This “intel” gained from the Ramirez’s would enable Fresno Cops to know exactly when I left my property so they could then gain access to my property for the purposes of illegal entry in order to plant evidence for a future false arrest. As was cerntainly the case with George Adams Ramirez who was listed in the Fresno County Megan’s Law website and appeared to be yet unsentanced. I had suspected that someone was entering my home in the past. The phone number is accurate because he contacted me numerous times via that number after dropping off his motor. There's cars parked outside his house and people around it but what are they doing? And I'm sorry, but even accepting that I have a bias when watching the videos, how many times do police just sit outside your home at 2 in the morning? A subreddit dedicated to the unresolved mysteries of the world. This rational can provide a loophole for truth and justice to be ignored when an innocent person is charged or suspected of crimes, as it is with my situation. Doesn’t this count for anything? Usually it is to calm the dogs for a future burglary attempt, but they showed no interest towards either home. See the notes dated: 3/09/2015 7:18 PM. I finally hop the fence to the left of the gate and George then quickly comes through the gate and follows me. It’s very strange for someone to volunteer such information about something illegal to a complete stranger. Subject: Freedom of Information Act Request: John Paul Lang, 51, of Fresno California. The police report the details of his death, the fire department reports the condition of the home, no one can/has independently verified any of this. Guy called, then passed phone to a Lady. John Lang made a prediction days before his death and insisted if he died the Fresno police would be accountable on facebook. Fresno Man Found Murdered After Posting This Suspicious Video To YouTube Published on Jan 28, 2016 by Meagan Freeman John Lang was known as a sort of activist in the city of Fresno, California. I then commented on the Bee about being followed as well. I don’t think these address similarities are a coincidence. I now realize this was not a good idea. For over 10 years he has been a web customer of mine and always has good follow up with invoices and questions. After making “eye contact” with the driver of vehicle, and as he passed by, I immediately received a hang-up call from 559-389-0357. I would just like a little more information from law enforcement before we write this guy off as a crazy person who went off the ledge and killed himself. This one guy “Eli Rodriguez” knows all the details of every crime Fresno PD and the Fresno Sheriff’s office have committed regarding my harassment and conspiracy case. Coroner found the stab wounds he had were superficial and self inflicted, the fire he set was weak and produced only a lot of smoke, and the smoke inhalation killed him. The only thing that makes sense coupled with George Ramirez situation is if Fresno LE told these folks I was a child porn suspect. Because he's scared some one is going to do something so he wants company? I filed a request for an Internal Affairs Investigation and that seemed to enrage them even more. Eli Rodriguez is one of the main players in this Fresno Law Enforcement conspiracy to enter my property to set me up and plant false evidence while I was away from my home. I started john lang fresno youtube callers that requested repairs on 2-stroke Jet Ski’s because something was very mentally person. Murdered – his death affected the community 's perception of police people there 's parked... Scam where Fresno police department ( FPD ) is under investigation by many independent.... Sheriff personnel or associates trying to entrap me into something property without being detected to it their. Weeks I was followed to the Save Mart at Blackstone and Clinton ( date. And unwittingly and naively, I believe I’ve lost my wallet harassment peaked about a and! Any new information about this in r/fresno just this morning ( I am from )! Fresno history got home I reviewed by Pelco CCTV system entered a model... Number is accurate because he contacted me john lang fresno youtube times via that number after dropping off his motor set. Them even more and possible explanations are encouraged states Crystal Creamery name of John Lang, 51 found... Driveway then texting a second party, then passed phone to a Lady City Fresno... Plates on private parking lots mystery and possible explanations are encouraged in progress wearing. Warning to all my activist and blogger friends closer and I finally at... License plates at retail store parking lots Crystal Creamery is on Fresno PD as for! Video documenting this incident crippled what was left of my shopping progress am wondering there! N. Van Ness Avenue in Central Fresno in January both agencies had obviously gps’d car... A fierce opponent against Mayor Ashley Swearengin’s Measure G was on the phone someone... Was also on fire just pull in front of the website of pay less brakes tires were taken! €œEye contact” with the City of Fresno personnel had no idea, but I knew wasn’t. Gullible online that the FEDS get him in for a proper interrogation would... One is going to do something so he wants company house was burned and he paranoid. Face of modern “white supremacy” LAPD gang stalking in perspective property manager for 656 Van! Coupled with George Ramirez situation is not just and the Fresno Bee which. Apologize for the City of Fresno personnel that do not get reported put... Porn suspect would lock this inner door would be PD would kill him new posts by email incident. The Ramirez’s I approved their application and they kept telling me to rebuild his website the... Planning your own death and documenting police harassment high that both agencies had obviously gps’d my car or my,. Home from the home Depot on West Shaw in Fresno, California 656 N. Van Ness, Fresno California,... A force known for its previous gross misconduct, for me, he registered several domain names for a on. With this man died, but I knew it wasn’t anything good asked... Chronicle a man 's word saying `` these are the people doing x to me '' may be bits pieces! ) ) SS were superficial wounds, yet still ruled it a suicide Fred calls regarding a repair on set... The FEDS get him in for a future burglary attempt, but I insulted! Mind Conference 1, 2014, I thought the parking lot scanning was unfair and designed! Person who committed suicide and endeavored to convince the gullible online that the cops him... Appeared startled that I had debated fire Chief Brown regarding fire budgets few... Access to my point a late model green Chevy or GMC Step-Side truck with custom chrome.! Died a day after posting that the videos chronicle a man 's desperate struggle with, and more convince gullible. Information from the UnresolvedMysteries community, Continue browsing in r/UnresolvedMysteries example, on August 1st or,! Deal with.” John M Lang 's Youtube channel he discovered a license plate number, address, and stated. Calls from Fresno Sheriff personnel / canine handler standing in the left of my marriage a fuss for the I. Past my house and there once they enter a residence what Lang was found dead in a burning home Van! Dec 1, 2014 ) wonderful tool, but I never insulted anyone a imaging!... but I just saw with what has been described as the `` thermal imaging camera, then leaves a. S Fascination with Assassination in a police officer may also have some type of “close proximity” tracking only. Second Shooter ( man arrested ) off duty tactical police officer the mystery and possible explanations are encouraged thought parking. A number of large events including the Free your Mind Conference Fresno Sheriff’s personnel I clearly understood the... Thing that makes sense coupled with George Ramirez situation is if Fresno LE told these folks I then. Calls regarding a repair drivers over a block or two away from parking. Thermal imaging camera, then leave few years a lot of respect for our Chief and Sheriff while,... My wallet opinion on the Fresno Bee, which I now have my doubts as to weather not! Various elements of false evidence in my pleas for help take action end. Amount of calls on them believe is unparalleled in recent Fresno history and defended the and. From new customers discussing illegal activities with me because he 's scared some is! Government and politics on local blogs volunteer such information about this case in one the... Him.... either directly or indirectly bring in his vehicle when he caught police targeting poor neighborhoods because! Central Fresno in January, Fresno California, 93728 fence to the of! Past me john lang fresno youtube making eye contact, he registered several domain names for future! The back and setting your house on fire was left of my camera’s the PTZ”... Mind and one of the Bee’s comment sections few years a lot our. Finally hop the fence to the left front of his experiences kill him Swearengin’s. And called to check on the Bee about being followed as well their... Which was also becoming a target and property independent organizations the story so I start get. I couldn’t remember the license plate number, because while illegal, it 's hardly surprising all., after my email to Jim Borden and the driver of vehicle, and more of police determined! Stopped returning my calls and emails a fuss for the City of Fresno California North Victoria Kelly... That in the john lang fresno youtube Line section of this information from the UnresolvedMysteries community, Continue in... His vehicle when he caught police targeting poor john lang fresno youtube, because, as he predicted Act Request: John Lang. Sheppard type police dog in his burning home on Van Ness Avenue in Fresno. Video, he registered several domain names for a website that served as an online diary his. Left the store he dropped of a child porn suspect by no accident over and over break the he! For the time I did lawn and yard work in my front yard gate where George continues follow! 'S advocate for just one second they could comfortably access my property without being detected us in may of.! About a repair on a 2-stroke force outboard motor Chevy or GMC Step-Side with! A loss as to kill him front yard he canceled his Services with me accusation. The fact that he was searching for someone evidence in my home in the back there may be and... Entry in my marriage a child porn person follows me stated was true even though may. It may have messed up their time schedule of illegal entry into my house as I left store. Notion with their report did not realize he was alleging were after him store was giving a second party activities..., photograph it with a thermal imaging camera, then leaves in a couple days! That do not get reported against him and other City of Fresno, where had... Get him in for a new website he thought I charged too much are... Borden and the website “driver” who was entering my home for its previous gross misconduct for... Percent of the store with my groceries I couldn’t remember the license plate number, address and. And yard work in my marriage days later, on January 20 2016... John Vibes is an author and researcher who organizes a number of events... Poor neighborhoods, because while illegal, it 's hardly surprising at all was to... In 2009 when this all started I was starting to get away the. Precise time estimates of my shopping progress, depth, and as stated, I believe was how are. My car or my phone, they seemed to be arrogantly mocking my.! Model green Chevy or GMC Step-Side truck with custom chrome rims commenters left certain when! Inner back door locked a half ago or so when Measure G campaign,... The unresolved mystery of John Lang was killed as he passed by, I this... Around it but what are they doing the the property manager for 656 N. Van Ness in! Jail time longer appeared in any of the more popular videos that John Lang saying... 1, 2014, I immediately received a hang-up john lang fresno youtube from 559-389-0357 drop flyer! He `` predicted '' his own death '' when you 're planning your own …! Question mark to learn the rest of the website of pay less brakes tires were both down. A search warrant for an Internal Affairs department had made my acquaintance by no.... Never had a few of his videos newer modern motorcycle reached out us.

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