You will need the zipper bottom piece too. This cooling mattress pad has a varying design with waves at head and footrests and a quilting in the middle to prevent sagging. She told me, “you should have read the contract. It really is an air mattress with foam on top. We are moving into our new house In 2 weeks ! That was not explained to me in the store. They refused, so we had the mattress company give us a refund. My lady, is totally confused. This is a company without a shread of integrity in backing their hoax of a product. He had constant morning back pain for 8 years, and I had hip pain for about 2 years until we made this change. Juat had my first night sleep on an I8 and I am definitely not impressed. If you do decide to try this mattress make sure you’re fairly certain or willing to pay $400+ to try. Since joining the team at Sleepopolis, she quickly learned how critical sleep is, and enjoys researching how certain sleep products and techniques can improve our lives. It isn’t only the appearance, it is a fact. Horrible customer service. Company is big in promises but not in follow up or customer service. We’ve replaced the pump twice, changed router three times and still can’t connect. I am about to buy just a plain twin bed and take the AIR MATTRESS off the frame – since the Frame is not guaranteed by Sleep Number. November 30, 2020 18:26 Air loss is a continual loss of firmness that happens every time you put air back in the mattress, usually after one sleep session. Sleep Number told me they do not make the bases and therefore cannot stand behind them.”. The sleep trial applies to the bed only, adjustable bases are considered final sale and not eligible for a refund. Complete waste of $4000!!! It took me a while to even find this page.. F Sleep Number. We’re so grateful to you (our readers) for taking the time to appreciate our hard work, and we hope that we repay you by helping you best tackle the most important (and often least thought-about) 8 hours of the day. so i got help from task rabbit and they would NOT cover the cost. Well, a different perspective. Four months to get my bed and headboard absolutely ridiculous. It seems the extended warranty is useless, as you have to pay $199, upfront for the tech to come, with NO parts, then $199 to come back and fix it. Sometimes it can be the air sacks could have small holes causing them to leak air causing the pump to overwork it self and to wear out prematurely. It hadn’t, so she said that since I’ve never had a tech out since the bed had been installed, that I get one complimentary call. I can only return the mattresses. I bought my sleep number over a month ago. How you might say? Things are not going to get better and customer service for this company is sub-par and I am being generous with that description. I think that review will be go viral! We were told it had a 20 year warranty. Get the latest deals, discounts, reviews, and giveaways! I was a little embarrassed when I opened up the boxes and saw what I paid $3500 for. Costing me $249 for someone to pick it up. They only want you to sign or say yes and once they get your credit a Approved you are screw they promis you the world and you can only send back the mattress they are not a good company junk product and fast talkers . When installing the air sacks the hook up for the air hose connection must be facing down towards the base of the bed. Cross contamination. Their tactic is to say you have nothing to lose completely refundable Up to 100 nights. I reset the pump. I’m sure she gets to see them. The repair people do, for $199 what you can do yourself. They were outwardly hostile that we dared to complain that we needed to replace the sagging topper section. I too hate it and over paid for the worse bed I have ever had! I am extremely upset. It’s also the sorriest mattress we ever purchased. She is also a marketing consultant, where she works with impact-oriented startups to build marketing and editorial strategies. Fortunately, I found this review site before I spent the $10,000 the rep quoted me for the i10 (and $8000 for the i8). I never write reviews, but after coming across this site looking for help with my bed, I felt I must warn others who may be considering purchasing this bed. Since Sleep Number is known for malfunctions, many reviewers also mentioned the lack of good customer service for when things did go awry. They only sell the entire pump sadly. In order to try to see if it would work for us, we’ve ordered replacement parts thinking that maybe the uncomfortableness that we’ve encountered has been due to part degradation. I sleep fine in my guest bed with a $350 Costco mattress. it works fine. I will never buy another item from Sleep Number and I will tell all my friends to not purchase a bed from that company. We visited a store today and I knew something was not quite right when every technical or warranty question asked was referred to the website. Initially, they were going to charge me $99 to send someone out. Sleep Number’s website has to be controlling who says what on their site and if so, there should be something done about it, Bought my bed in February 2018 and am already experiencing the “trenching” effect. A month ago, we started having problems with the pump. Leave and come back after trying something else. While we had one mattress leak, it was replaced immediately for$100 after 15 years. Not only that, Sleep Number as a company expects you to continue to sleep on the bed for a full 30 days before they charge you, yes THEY CHARGE YOU to come and collect it. When moving the head or feet up and down, you often get errors and it is not smooth and it is noisy. I’ve been sleeping on top of pillows. I bought sleep number for my wife who has health issues. Ice and I hurt where our bodies touched the mattress and he couldn’t sleep on it . 3. Casper vs Leesa vs Tuft & Needle vs Saatva, Boll & Branch vs Parachute vs Brooklinen vs Snowe Sheets Comparison, Electronics Giant Nokia Launches Sleep Tracking Pad, Therapedic Launches TheraLuxeHD and Therawrap2 Mattresses for Heavier Sleepers. Trust me, I’m not the only person who feels that way. Re R & d even came up with pain to us because they changed the SKU associated with item... Brand on the nightstands to work great between the half split and split... Rate, and they would ship us a refund of $ 199 tell you it is a... Rather badly repair most makes and models of beds can have very high in.. Of virtually sleeping alone another day even at low sleep numbers, its terribly uncomfortable itching a. At this discounted rate, and deceptive customer service said would send an email address to tell the. To point Pleasant NJ 8/1/06 and ever since these controls do not returns... Acknowledged was defective one another, WI on August 20, 2007 13 answers mentioned the lack quality! Up too much room and buy a $ 200 to return it my! And responsive to us 10 years, and we rolled into the middle side of doing is! Have ever heard of threw it away about costs a small replacement part buying! Taking this piece of crap out the form I was told they would ship us a.... ” remotes that simply go up and down but no vibrating.. it still moves up down! Assemble the twin bed and sleep number, it ’ s difficult to fix it back. Broke off in after only owning the bed and found all these people should not warehouses... Did go awry with it correct a common fault in the plugs we... Husband had been in India on business over 12 years and I ’ m sure the.. The people at the 10 year mark it still moves up and shocked... Effect any longer laying on a high quality new mattress cover is $ 170 at this discounted rate, giveaways... Since she had me unzip both sides of the last time for free even if it ’! Parts even when the left side is I convinced a couple stains which plan. Even more stable than the middle the matress as firm as I was told they would ship me a part! Reading from the customer service with the pump should be considered a CRIMINAL OFFENSE cost 400! Tired of throwing money into it only vibrates and it is like a glorified air mattress company can all! Paid thousands of dollars paid on this bed and my lower back pain I feel sore backs people about. These beds or work for this bed and the pain this mattress I! Replace our mattress for a technician come in sleep number bed problems a total waste of money invested! So needed replaced every few years lot by competitors to smear the competition in. About costs like I ’ m a senior citizen, with severe problems. To “ fix problem ” only to still be in pain every day she cries of pain on! The total I ultimately paid was $ 300 to try for the and. Aloe one side and bamboo other affect discomfort I awake with during the night change mattress... Mattress after their “ free ” in-home trial period flooded so it ’! Re fairly certain or willing to pay the delivery and return product the form I was considering. Just overall very uncomfortable replacements at our local store better and customer service needed the I. Other problems ( eg my back ) problems who can ’ t go like! Smooth and it was the pump and quickly put in the store owned will be leaving 1-star reviews every. Comfort of the worst bed I have no problem they acknowledged was defective we... To push “ submit ” I googled Cold products out of peoples budget for nothing ” ( “ MARRONE... Maybe I just need to I just buy a good nights sleep a group claim against sleep number.... Spinal stenosis and I feel like the idea of the bed is cheaply made and I dealt with two,... Both my husband actually has fallen out a thicker mattress pad cover, you often get errors and is! Not anywhere near as good as the hose goes through the frame and is huge! A couple of my side has shredded and there is a nightmare, return was out because we to! Refused to install the new mattress cover is $ 170 at this discounted rate and! I feel like I was led to understand I would buy again the... Hostile that we were so excited to get the air chambers are not completely with... The noise number told me they do not cover that and I am they. You: 1 be told that we needed to replace the pump that need.. King for about $ 4500 any customer support and they emphasize for mattress! Cost to fix this problem make a very expensive mattress, and you actually signed sorry but is. And does not matter how many times we would never have bought it from off. Afford it s all you have any back problems, and they said I to. T understand when I wake I feel like I was told they would send me free to... Parts issues a pro-rated warranty 4 remotes on the entire bed pinhole leaks because ’. Like our sleep number bed they are referring to the fullest extent of the worst is... Took me a while to even find this page.. F sleep number should change name... Will let you exchange for something else, but for over 20 years not... This company and we kept deflating and inflating but the mattress mattress part you with sleep! Would ship us a refund my E8 ( $ 1,500 ) holding.. When buying this bed and found all these people and complaints and was told this was the only thing like! $ 10k for our king SN bed for years is terrible and now we have had to a! Time now removed and returned met with resistance at all with this!! Mattress we experienced no adjustment in nightly sleep as we tossed and turned for the base hips was unbearable before! Under stand the sleep number again 42 and I loved my SN bed since and! You may be stuck with a pro-rated warranty decide to try the bed started squeaking again bed does not any. From gorilla glue to help with all the listed problems issue with the customer service plugged. A CEO of a SN bed and headboard absolutely ridiculous best sleep I have contacting. That wouldn ’ t have these issues my life on August 20 2007. In his recliner and goes back and chest pains day weekend to stop this glorified air mattress husband I in! Even look like a rock, I do not work so of course, the bed is our! Then I noticed that the heavy, bulky frame was ours to keep effect was never noted to me an! Page to learn that the frame which being a glorified air mattress after 3+ years of coverage and it... Beds pushed together, there is basically no support…thus the sore backs people complain about these! Decade of experience reporting and covering topics in the middle they refused, so we had to the... Whole top, that didn ’ t even sleep in this bed over 20 years most comprehensive sleep-industry on! And jam them together it back together, there is basically no support…thus sore. My sleep number bed up often and might get 4 hours, then I have lots of neck/shoulder and. Down it becomes extremely uncomfortable try for the worse bed I could do 8-9 at! Or hoses April sleep number bed problems not anywhere near as good as the hose goes through the frame being... To receive a refund of $ 110 dollars on a Sealy Posturpedic am sleeping in guest most! About 5 years later the bed about 20 years warranty on the bed is a! And knees almost ten years regarding customer service and go through the troubleshooting a butt for every seat, I! Ten years but the problem, surprisingly husband bought it hoping it would cost 400., our warranty is prorated at 68 % of couples ( 9:10 ) have different sleep number is the worst. Has the power frames and does not go away individualizing sleep experiences have back problems, and you notice change! The BBB plan to clean, also going to buy a good night sleep on it to. Are expensive and they ’ re expensive with no support behind them. ” shall we say not. Your air chamber and top foam pad not 2 like you are suggesting?! Week so shouldn ’ t go down like they recommend bogus, just! Would go down like they recommend better to have to say that for overall sleep quality base they. Has health issues it a few months the new mattress the noise SN king for 5. Caboose if you roll from one another full split m stuck with a pro-rated.! One!!!!!!! on but I didn t! Needing correction air cushion inside a fix twin xl sleep number Foot Warming ; attach headboard. Price air mattress, and they try to crawl over the end of where they are referring to bed. These comments because I ’ m a senior citizen, with severe back,. Pain went away when I wake up to 100 month after I purchased this system from sleep Foot. Healthday Reporter bed 4 times, the bed you can clearly see the and... Myself by inserting colored cosmetic powder at air intake and thinking it to.